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User Testimonials

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“FieldRx® is the most simplified computer software I’ve ever used for grid-sampling and prescription writing. We have used it on a variety of fields and crops including rice, cotton, corn, grain sorghum, wheat and soybeans..." (see more)

- Danny Moore, Moore’s Pest Management, Inc, Marion, Ark.

“FieldRx® is an awesome program. It formulates fertilizer prescriptions really quickly and is really easy to learn and use. It is a very intuitive program and gives you the information you need in a concise format. I have used FieldRx on several thousand acres ..." (see more)

- Bob Griffin, Griffin Ag-Consulting, Jonesboro, Ark.

“Crop consultants have been looking for a program like FieldRx® for years. It is a fast and easy system that has eliminated people sitting around for hours trying to write prescriptions. What used to take five to six hours with competitive programs like Ag Leader SMS™ and SST Software now takes only a matter of minutes with FieldRx. ....." (see more)

- Chuck Farr, Mid-South Ag Consultants, Crawfordsville, Ark.


FieldRx® is an innovative and independent web-based precision ag engine designed to create site-specific field prescriptions from grid sampling results.

Engineered by ag professionals for ag professionals, FieldRx is a new tool that allows agricultural dealers and crop consultants to create customizable site-specific recommendations based on grower preferences and spatial variability in the field.

With the flexibility to accommodate multiple input sources and the automated upload of field information, FieldRx has features to help you generate prescriptions with greater efficiency and reduced frustrations.

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