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What people are saying

“FieldRx® is the most simplified computer software I’ve ever used for grid-sampling and prescription writing. We have used it on a variety of fields and crops including rice, cotton, corn, grain sorghum, wheat and soybeans. The University of Arkansas tested all of our soil samples and they were automatically uploaded into the FieldRx program. Once the formulas were written our custom applicators were able to apply the fertilizer without any problem. I really like FieldRx because it is very simplified and just not complicated; I really believe that anyone can use it.”

Danny Moore
Moore’s Pest Management, Inc
Marion, Ark.

“FieldRx® is an awesome program. It formulates fertilizer prescriptions really quickly and is really easy to learn and use. It is a very intuitive program and gives you the information you need in a concise format. I have used FieldRx on several thousand acres of corn and cotton and it has really saved me time. The soil sample results were automatically uploaded into the program as soon as the university processed them and after creating my formulas it took five minutes to download the files and print the reports. Some of the other prescription programs I have used took a lot of time to build formulas and get results and I don’t want to use anything that takes that much time. For quick and easy variable rate prescriptions, FieldRx is the only way to go.”

Bob Griffin
Griffin Ag-Consulting
Jonesboro, Ark.

“Crop consultants have been looking for a program like FieldRx® for years. It is a fast and easy system that has eliminated people sitting around for hours trying to write prescriptions. What used to take five to six hours with competitive programs like Ag Leader SMS® and SST Software now takes only a matter of minutes with FieldRx. My time is too valuable to be sitting in front of a computer all day and using FieldRx has freed up my time so I can do what I need to do. It is very easy for people to learn; even someone that is completely computer illiterate could use FieldRx with just a little bit of training. The process is simple – the lab automatically uploads the soil sample results, I write the prescriptions, print as many reports as my grower wants and send the files straight to the fertilizer applicator. Until now, it has taken hours to implement variable rate technology on a farm but the time-savings this program brings is amazing. From now on, FieldRx is the only thing I will use for variable rate soil sampling.”

Chuck Farr
Mid-South Ag Consultants
Crawfordsville, Ark.

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